Upgrade Your Bedroom - The Bed

Upgrade your bedroom into a luxurious retreat that is uniquely yours.

January has come and gone but "white sales" still abound. While I am not a "budget designer", I do practice value oriented design. With a little imagination, anyone can create a dreamy bedroom.

Start with a faux down comforter. I prefer a king size for a queen bed and the biggest, oversized king I can find for king beds. I've switched from down to down alternative because I'm tired of losing tons of down in the dryer and I like to wash mine frequently. I don't have to constantly fluff anymore and the warmth and feel is amazingly similar. Buy the highest quality you can afford but don't sweat it if you need to go to Homegoods.

Your next purchase needs to be real all-down sleeping pillows. I like at least 6, 2 king and 4 standard, so you can provide a cloud on which to prop yourself while reading, sipping coffee or tea in the morning or snuggling with hubby .

Purchase a duvet cover and a pair of king shams for the comforter and pillows you have purchased. I like to use white as a basis for my color scheme as it will allow me to add any other colors with it. Do not be concerned that the duvet cover isn’t long enough to cover the sides of your mattress if you have a big fat one! Rarely, can you find a duvet cover that will be big enough because ready made products have not caught up to the size of mattresses (even after all these many years)!

The next purchase you make will be the largest oversized King coverlet you can find. Again, I prefer white in a tone-on-tone design. Preferably a diamond shame.  This is the piece that is necessary to cover the mattress.  If you have an exposed boxspring and your bed does not have decorative side rails that cover it, you will need to purchase a bedskirt or use a box spring cover that you can’t see through (much like a white mattress pad) and buy a sheet closest to the depth of the boxspring that you can. Otherwise, custom is the only way you can go.

Buy a great set of sheets that fit your bed and purchase an extra set of pillowcases. These will be used for the standard pillows you purchased and you will use these to sleep on and not have to worry with removing shams. I store these behind the shams that match the coverlet when I make the bed.