Accessory Closets

Every home should have a closet, special storage armoire or cabinet filled with all sorts of treasures.  When I am setting a table for a dinner party, I may be in a playful spirited mood, or I might want an English garden feel.  Perhaps I want to revisit the past and go for a 60's or 70's motif.  Just as I like to dress differently, I like my home to be a expression of my personality of the day.

Extra pillows in lively colors or formal Fortuny fabrics can change a basic linen or velvet sofa and the ambience of the room to compliment the dinner table.  A few more selected items, and you can transport yourself to the orient or to a smoky cafe in Paris. A little imagination and a keen eye to spot things you admire is all that is required.  You can splurge on Murano glass, or shop for trinkets at yard sales and flea markets.

My design style for every client is to start with basic good pieces, throw in a few well-appointed surprises, and allow yourself to color outside the lines on occasion.  Change the music and candles and ride a magic carpet to a land unrestrained by Provincial thinking.