Executed in authentic Adirondack style, this rustic mountaintop home serves as a retreat from city living.


This rustic mountaintop home overlooking the smokey mountains is a true example of the old camps found in upstate New York. The red windows, stained cedar entrance and the subtle green siding blend effortlessly with the mountain top vista at 4000 feet. For this project, time was taken to plan every detail of the home in the true spirit of the great camps built in the late 1800's. The gated community boasts the multiple compounds that were prevalent in upstate New York and provides fishing, boating, hiking, and a lodge for large events. The home is built for entertaining and was designed to sleep 12 comfortably. Perhaps not as grand as the camps that were eventually owned by the Vanderbuilts' and Rockefellers', the home none the less is luxuriously appointed while still providing the homeyness of a rustic retreat. Antiques, custom made furniture from New York artisans, as well as fine crafted new furnishings compliment the style.