Interior Inspiration: Embracing Color

My design philosophy is to encourage clients to embrace color in new ways but to stay classic in style. It's too expensive to replace large items frequently. This room setting from Hancock and Moore is stunning. It's a great way to grab your attention at a trade show. So how would we live with these pieces?
1. Buy the art. The art can move around your home from room to room for the rest of your life.
2. Buy the sofa. What a wonderful shape. Just change the leather to a creamy color and use larger boldly colored throw pillows.
3. Buy the chair and use a bright fabric. The small soft print does not work with the room. Use texture and a geometric design.
4. Use a lamp in any color you prefer from the painting.
5. Substitute the cocktail table with acrylic so you can see the fabulous rug you'll add to warm the floor.
Can you see the changes work for you?